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  • Richard Brennan


    One day I would like to cruise my 70’x12′ widebeam from Leighton Buzzard area to Bristol by way of Grand Union – Thames – Kennet & Avon.

    One person has told me I will require an anchor on the Thames, another has told me I will require 2 anchors.

    Please help me out here

    kind regards

    • thamescruiser

      Richard – it’s about an hour roughly from Brentford to Teddington from memory and you don’t need VHF for that section – I’d be inclined to ensure to travel that bit with another boat and you both keep a ‘lookout’ for each other and just keep to one anchor. If anything does go wrong you can call London VTS on 0208 855 0315 and they’ll send someone to help. Make sure your plan takes you through Richmond Half Tide Lock when the barriers are up. Above all else enjoy your time on the river.

    • thamescruising

      Sorry for the delay, your comment was caught in a spam queue.

      I have a narrowboat and very happy with one anchor. A dutch barge far bigger then you had an engine problem in the central London part of the tideway, their one anchor held really well which is quite an achievement as it was a length with what the PLA said was a rocky bed.

      So obviously have an anchor, can’t see that you would need two?

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