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Last updated: 06-12-2020 @ 21:33

Canal and River Trust Tidal Information

WARNING: December 2020: New arrangements are in place at Brentford. ALL transits require prior booking. See the CRT website here.

If you are heading for Brentford or Limehouse then be aware that these locks are not manned 24 hours. Never ever go out on to the tideway without having talked to a lock keeper and made sure that you are booked in.

PLA Tidal Information


The PLA have changed how they publish tide times. If you are on a slow internet connection then we suggest you use CRT’s information in the link above. If you have good signal then their main page is here, from there you have two options, you can download their tidetables or you can go to a new whizzy page which will tell you what the tide is doing for any date you want. It is a great piece of work but best viewed on a big screen with a good internet connection. Be careful as the times are all in GMT so you may be one hour out!

Rather than download the tide table book why not join the Tidal Thames Navigators Club? It is free and you get sent the tide tables and their useful little guide to the tidal Thames. Click here.

More Information

Richmond ‘half tide’ lock (with Sunrise/sunset times)

London Bridge (Tower Pier) (with Sunrise/sunset times)

(Please note the above two links provide adjustment for BST)

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