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River Wey and Godalming Navigations and Basingstoke Canal

Last updated: 20-03-2018 @ 21:17

River Wey and Godalming Navigations


Today, the leisurely pace of the Navigations contrasts with the speed of the railways and motorways that link London and Guildford. Much has changed since 1653 when the Wey Navigation was the new, easy route to London.

The Wey Navigation was built 100 years before the Canal Age. It runs 15½ miles from Guildford to the Thames at Weybridge. The Godalming Navigation, opened in 1764, extended the navigable waterway a further 4 miles to Godalming.

The Wey Navigations form a green corridor running through the Surrey countryside. The unique landscape of the Navigations contains a rich variety of wildlife habitats in a relatively small area.

The Navigations provide an excellent way to discover Surrey’s towns, villages and countryside. The changing scenery means that there is always plenty to see along the Wey, and the historic locks and their pretty cottages add to the waterway’s special character.

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Wey Transit Licence

At the time of writing this post there is a special licence fee for boats travelling between the River Wey and Teddington (and Teddington and the River Wey).  It is called a Wey Transit Licence and is only available for boats travelling between these two points.

  • The licence fee is currently £10
  • The licence is valid for 24 hours from time of issue
  • The licence is only valid between the Thames/Wey junction and Teddington lock – i.e. you may not pass through Shepperton Lock on this licence
  • You may overnight between Teddington and the Wey but your transit must still be within the 24 hour period since issue of the licence when you arrive at your destination
  • You must endeavour to make your passage as soon as practicable after issue
  • This facility is still available at £10 each way as of 20-March-2018.

It seems sensible here to include details of the Basingstoke Canal.

The canal has 29 locks raising the canal up 195ft through a 17 mile stretch. The Deepcut flight, in particular, offers a beautiful setting for climbing the 14 locks. After the final lock at Ash there is then a 15 mile summit pound to cruise that is definitely worth the climb as it passes through the rural delights of north east Hampshire.

If you are bringing your boat to the canal, you must first travel down a short section of the River Wey from Thames Lock to Woodham Junction. A transit licence must be purchased from Thames Lock on the River Wey to cover this section of navigation. Alternatively you could use one of the slipways if your boat is suitable.

All craft using the Basingstoke Canal require a licence, issued by the Basingstoke Canal Authority.

Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society have recently renamed themselves to be Basingstoke Canal Society (or to be exact Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society trading as Basingstoke Canal Society)

 Basingstoke Canal Authority  Latest Navigation Updates  BCS

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