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Teddington to Brentford

Planning Your Cruise: Top Tips

Last updated: 08-08-2022 @ 09:20

  • Make sure your boat is fit for the tideway
  • Contact CRT well in advance to make a booking for Brentford. Do it online via this page, make sure you get a confirmation back.
  • Make sure you have a copy of the relevant tideway handbook – see links below
  • Check the tide times, links on this page
  • Aim to leave at HW Teddington (or up to 30 minutes before), ie 30-60 minutes after HW London Bridge. This will mean that the ebb tide is not running too strongly when you arrive at Brentford. The lock at Brentford is only useable from 2 hours before to 2 hours after local HW, and if booked in advance.
  • Check the PLA Notices to Mariners – click here
  • Make sure you boat is prepared – check lists are a page still in development but here it is
  • Have your anchor ready to deploy – 15m of 10mm chain and 35m of 14mm rope please – it can be very deep out there
  • Check the weather forecast, we don’t like going out if predicted winds are more than 15mph. Met Office, or Met Check
  • Make sure you understand the workings of Richmond ‘half tide’ lock.  (link to Richmond Lock information).
  • VHF is not a mandatory requirement between Teddington and Brentford
  • The entrance to Brentford is a bit hard to spot.  See photo and words below.
  • If appropriate please call London VTS to advise them that you have left the Tideway

Click HERE for a link which may work to the old Waterscape site.


Photo of entrance to Brentford (courtesy Google Streetview),  looking downstream.

Kew Gardens are on the right hand bank, out of shot. On the left you can see Brentford Dock Marina (lots of 1970s flats – more history here). The entrance to Brentford Creek is a bit further downstream – behind the second large tree (that has a crane jib sticking out of it).

You can see  a white tower block on the horizon, under that is a large silver sculpture that is a handy landmark (I think it looks like a urinal): leave it to your right as you enter the Creek.

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