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Brentford to Teddington

Planning Your Cruise: Top Tips

Last updated: 08-08-2022 @ 09:21

  • Make sure your boat is fit for the tideway
  • Aim to leave Brentford as instructed by the lock keeper – usually about 2 hours before high tide at Richmond
  • Make a booking for Brentford on CRT website here
  • Make sure you have a copy of the relevant tideway handbook – see links below
  • Check the tide times, links on this page . Ideally you want to leave Brentford as soon as the lock opens, ie 2 hours before HW Brentford.
  • Check the PLA Notices to Mariners – click here
  • Make sure your boat is prepared – check lists are a page still in development but here it is
  • Have your anchor ready to deploy – 15m of 10mm chain and 35m of 14mm rope please – it can be very deep out there
  • Check the weather forecast, we don’t like going out if predicted winds are more than 15mph. Met Office, or Met Check
  • Make sure you understand the workings of Richmond ‘half tide’ lock.  (link to Richmond Lock information).
  • VHF is not a mandatory requirement between Brentford and Teddington
  • If appropriate please call London VTS to advise them that you have left the Tideway

Click HERE for a link which may work to the old Waterscape site.

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