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Last updated: 20-04-2023 @ 18:44

There is plenty of very good information about the tidal Thames but it is sometimes hard to find so this site has been written to act as a portal for that information. Please let us know of anything you think may be missing or any links that no longer work.

Click on a link below, click on the ‘what would you like to do’ button, top left to get back here

The images below show the type of thing you can see when enjoying the tidal Thames (and we have one image of Coxes Mill on the Wey to encourage you to explore this wonderful waterway – one of the oldest in the country having been opened to traffic in 1653) and just a taster of some of the guides that this website can direct you to. There are five guides in the ‘marquee’ below, if you hover your mouse over the guide the ‘marquee’ will halt and you can click through to the guide. ¬†This applies to Upstream, Downstream, Estuary, Boating on the Thames and River Wey guides.

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